Giant Epcot Area Hotel

Giant Epcot Area Hotel

Pick a good stay for all the fun times at Disney Orlando. This is one hotel that all ages will like and the activities are spread all over the age groups. Hit the pool and you will smile as it is sparkling, with a really interesting slide. You do not have to be a pint-sized pee-wee to slide down it. Rooms are sweet, with long hallway entrances and nice Balcony Views available. The inside court rooms on the first floor has a rear patio to enjoy.
Maritza D.

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Little kids love the miniature waterslide and adults can go eat at or go to Japan Epcot. Very nice is the playful decor that will appeal to anyone who loves modern, unpretentious design. Storm-along bay completely lives up to its hype, and is far and away the best hotel pool at Walt Disney World. Beach Club scores highly for us because its theming perfectly conveys the relaxed feel of a seaside resort community. Never once have we had a bad meal or anything close to a poor experience. This resort has high-end amenities, a zero-entry pool, and kids will smile.

I would think that everybody would really enjoy this place and you'd be hard ever have a bad day here. Sometimes the weather can be a little unpredictable in Florida, and that can really mess up your Swimming Pool vacation. The swimming pools are so much more fun when the sun is out bright and it is so beautiful because you can see down in the water and play games. Make sure you bring your best walking shoes because that's what you're going to be doing all day long over there at Epcot since your right next to it!

Lakesha H.

Yacht Club Resort

1700 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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