Cheap Hotel

Cheap Hotel

First we did three nights seeing the Key West outside sightseeing spots and then it was on to Mickey Mouse Orlando! Things are always a good time when you find Fun Place to Stay near Disney world. I was so happy when I opened up the front room key door and looked inside, the place was gorgeous. Everything is tastefully decorated but in an upbeat way that just makes you feel good about staying at this particular Lake Buena Vista area hotel. We wanted to be close to the action and that means staying away from Altamonte Springs and north Orlando which is where we stayed last time.

They really know how to make everything look a little bit better than a normal hotel chain. I would think these are perfect for anybody, ideally for two adults. Two adults and two small children is no problem whatsoever. In the middle of the bedroom is a nice dresser area which has room for you to put your clothing away if you like. The big center desk includes a small refrigerator that when I first opened it I knew right away was supercold. We loaded up all kinds of sodas, water and wine coolers into the refrigerator so they'd be ready when we got back from the Theme Park for the day which was Typhoon Lagoon water park.

We really like the summer Swimming Season when you can spend hours playing around in these big beautiful swimming pools. I think this hotel is very special and the fact that it's cheap for the price is great. I think these hotel rooms would be better if they were bigger but that's why you're getting of value price. If you upgrade to the riverside hotel as an example, then you've get the Boat Taxi ride to Disney Springs. That's something to consider for sure if you can fit the price tag into your budget vacation.

If only my bathrooms looked this cute at home. You'll be impressed by the bathroom area and how clean it is with nice tile that makes it a little more upscale than you would find at any normal Holiday Inn or Marriott Hotel. Thank goodness they have a nice fan that works inside each of the bathrooms and we typically bring some spray so we can freshen up the area periodically or the bathroom if necessary.

Thank goodness for the refrigerator as I've taken so many vacations were we had to use a big cooler igloo style to keep our drinks cold. The cooler eventually starts to seep out condensation over a two or three days. It would sweat on the outside, just the condensation coming out from the inside. Ultimately you have a big giant wet spot in that area just because it's the way it is, but no issues like that here at Disney.

I would rate this as high as you could rate a hotel for this price and would definitely recommend it. People will be happy they stayed here everything is nice from the soap that you get to the pool water that you dive into. Going out to eat is a breeze because there's lots of good places close by. We checked out a couple of some pretty good spots for the food, as this town is so yummy. Next trip we probably will do Port Orleans Riverside hotel, which would be a nice step up to try another level!
Titus S.

Pop Century

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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