See the Giraffes

See the Giraffes

You get so close to the animals here, as this is the largest zoo area in all of Florida. We love taking photography and video of the animals in such a natural setting. To others, they will think we traveled around the world but it was all here at Animal Kingdom Park. This is the most real of the Disney Theme Parks, as it is not focused on fantasy.
Jerry R.

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At least with the giraffe everyone knows its name and the same thing goes for the lion and the elephant, but not that many more. One of the things that makes Animal Kingdom so special is the vast amount of animals that you do not even know what the name is. You might recognize that animal as some you've seen before, but the chances of you actually pronouncing the name accurately of what you're looking that I would say is very low. They have animals are everywhere, even at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort, which has a Zoo in the backyard! Most people get the best wildlife viewing on kilimanjaro safari ride, a Must Do when you go to this particular Theme Park. Another animal you will recognize are the giant black rhinoceros which are unbelievably huge, and not that much smaller than that giant elephant. Have your Camera Ready and you might shoot a photograph of something very rare. There is no other place like this around Florida unless you go to the everglades, which is very entertaining to do.

Ty R.

Animal Kingdom

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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