Go for the Big Splash

Go for the Big Splash

It is a very lively hotel and that creates a nice atmosphere for everyone, especially those with children on their trip. Leaving the car in the hotel is very nice and you do not have to use it unless you need to. Taking the bus works fine, it comes around every 15 minutes or so. Things are not far at all, they have built a fine system of coordinating everything together.
Ellen J.

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Swimming Pool

If you're like me, it is time to head Orlando and you are busy trying to pick out a hotel. I always like to get a baseline by using something that everybody knows about such as the www.daysinn.com/hotels/florida/kissimmee/days-inn-kissimmee-florida/hotel-overview hotel or super eight resorts. Take a good look at the pricing at some of the chain hotels that are in the area that you were staying, and then compare them to the cheaper hotels that you can get on site at Disney. In my opinion there's no doubt whatsoever which is the better pick, if you have families and love Mickey Mouse. We like the summer when you can swim in the big time large pools, and it doesn't get dark here in Florida till are around 8:45 pm. You're talking about a wonderful long day, this is a vacation paradise to get about fourteen good solid hours of sunlight. I have to admit another thing you need to check out his Typhoon Lagoon. We found some really good restaurants that you need to pick pizzapastakissimmee.com from and we have so many favorites now. You're gonna like this location, what a good vacation area.

Ingrid N.

Pop Century Hotel

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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