Things your Family will Enjoy

Things your Family will Enjoy

The music and parades make the magic shine bright, but it is the big drops on the roller coasters that put the widest smiles on your face. Because Disney has the most money in the corporate war chest, you get the fastest and best rides. We have tried all the parks: Tampa Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Islands of Adventure and nothing compares to the fun on the Disney Coasters. Even Swirl a Whirl at Animal Kingdom is fantastic and it is small.
Clifford D.

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Set up to Fire You Up

They do a fine job with the ride build up, which is really the most important part. Total psych up and wow at the point when you get the seat belt buckled in. That is the most thrill, then watch out! You cannot move, the machine controls your life! Manta at SeaWorld is prime time too.

Ramona F.

Play the Disney Games

You can buy Disney games and action at Game Spot Orlando. For cheaper than a ticket to the parks, you get days and days of enjoyment. Video games are so cool with the Disney Themes and music.

Rex Z.

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