High Tech Rollercoaster Rocket

High Tech Rollercoaster Rocket

The rides are getting very high tech with more movement and variety. I like how they mix in more music like the areosmith ride at Hollywood Studios. You will not believe the speed of the modern rollercoasters. High tech rides are a lot better than the old style rides of yesteryears. This is one of the best rides of all the orlando theme parks.

How is your sore finger from the Aerosmith ride outing? It might take a few days before you can bend it fully. Hang in there. People get hurt all the time at the theme parks with all the fast movement, but just minor things.

The faster rides are scary for sure. You have to hang on tight. Just do it, being scared is part of the day.
Dario J.

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Low Lines after Rain

Low lines after rain is a really good thing to use. The Beach Club has new entrance codes, good for the duration of the stay. At 3210, to use the alarm: 1938 off when you arrive and 1938 away when you depart. It is simple. I will let you know the new code after I change it, for now it is 1938, that is what they gave us at check in. See you later in the week for the Mini Golf outing.

To the Karuka Acrobats and Happy with Event Specials! You must be happy. Yeah to Unique Shopping spots! Yeah to the Hotel with New Orleans Theme!

Ma I.


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