Hotel at the Zoo Lodge

Hotel at the Zoo Lodge

Extra nice is a Disney resort built around a zoo. I believe this is the number one pick for all those that have a younger child. Kids under eight will get the most out of the Zoo viewing. Larger kids and adults will have a super time here and spend most of time at the huge safari Swimming Pool. I was really happy to get such an animal experience. Each day is some thing different, as they have all sorts of scheduled events mainly focused on kids. Go for the high up room at check in, so you have the best zoo views. Always pick an entertaining hotel when booking Orlando room reservations.
Valarie W.

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Staying Overnight

On the Animal Kingdom safari we saw a hippo happily enjoying some one-on-one scratching time on a tree. Boarding is quick and soon we were on our own special truck for the morning Zoo review. Prepared to be amazed on this! Stopping the bus is good, allowing us some wonderful shots. One of the highlights came very quickly after we set off, so be ready.

You could see the pride in the face of the elephant keeper. We would stop for a good five minutes or so at various locations, like the lion cub. We were delighted to see a keeper feeding the monkeys. The animals that you rarely get the chance to see are on the safari. We were told so many fascinating facts by our guide. Stopping often is nice, allowing us to learn more about what we were seeing. There is good food places all over Orlando and we liked the seafood cafe.

Deshawn S.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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