Hotels loved by Kids

Hotels loved by Kids

What we want in a Florida Hotel is what Disney delivers, a nice blend of personality, comfort, and a hotel loaded with activities. Each resort offers a unique theme, all surrounded by tropical gardens and a picturesque setting. The big hit are the gigantic heated-pools with huge slides. Toss in in-pool volleyball, hoops, and creative games, and how could you not look forward to splashing in after your day at the theme parks.
Zelda P.

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Spacious Family Suites

We have determined that the best resort you can rent are the ones that are right next door to other resorts so you can tour them. That is why Epcot area resorts" class="comment-more5">The Epcot Area Resorts are so popular since there's five fantastic places right next to each other, starting with the Beach Club Resort. At the Art of Animation Resort, you are connected by a nice little bridge to the Pop Century Hotel. It might not seem like much but it's very cool to do. Check out the other resorts at the same time you're staying in one. All of the restaurants are open to anybody, plus it's a good way to get an idea of which place you might want to stay at next time. It was a pleasure to stay in the spacious family suites which are designed to comfortably accommodate up to six guests, but we only needed them for four people. I would not max out the number of people unless you're thinking more like a college dormitory for a few nights. We had a very good time and so much love the Food Court and the Swimming Pool.

Adele B.

Art of Animation

1850 Animation Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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