Irish Pub

Irish Pub

Your irish pub gift is out of the bag, as a great meal and drinks at this irish pub is a winner. Please bring some dollar bills for the singer if you request songs where you sing-along. I devour the food, Fish and Chips, plus the curry tasting!

Come enjoy this Disney area bar where adults can bring their children as it is a family style Disney bar. I love the irish food if you decide to skip the curry festivities. Go here for mega beer pleasures and sauerkraut hot dogs, not Pluto the dog, which are so good. First go bowling at Splitsville, then after I will take you to irish beer and curry fest!

Lake buena vista has a place for people to come see friends and have a great time. The fish-n-chips are ale-battered and fried golden brown, served with fresh-cut fries. What a great gift is the food. Socializing is the main event at this dublin style party bar.

They have events, like food cooking and beer tasting. We can take our recipe in to the contest where the grand champion winners and finalists will receive a handsome plaque commemorating our skill and participation in the event. A free event is a good gift and practical for the budget! The celtic corned beef sandwich is slow-roasted with thinly sliced corn beef.
Toby M.

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Corn Beef Sandwich

The corn beef sandwich recipe is just tremendous. I love that sandwich and a classic reuben sandwich is a winner. On the corn beef sandwich they put lots of hot sauerkraut, with caraway seeds, and imported swiss cheese, plus you know you have to get a little thousand island dressing on their. Very good for sure is the fresh rye bread that is used.

I always tell them no butter on my bread, to hold the calories down a little bit. We always have fun in this area and typically stay at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel which is not far away. If you're new to the area the Quiznos Subs are very good when you just want to eat fast food. We always get so hungry because we rent bikes from Orange Cycle shop and use them to explore the entire area. Nothing is quite the same as a good irish bar and the classic corn beef sandwich. Put this on your to do list.

Etta S.

Raglan Road

1640 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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