Value Hotel

Value Hotel

This hotel is one of a kind, as you'll find scattered around the resort roger rabbit, a big wheel, bowling pins, and more about fifty feet tall! That's great for a family. I think we should be able to go. I have made quite a bit of food for the holiday and the Christmas Parade. We should have fun. I will bring a special bag for breakfast snag, plus I want to get a Pizza at to take back to Pop Century!

This is the kind of hotel you need about three bathing suits because there going to get wet and a couple hours later you'll be going back in and you need a fresh one and then a couple hours after that you might go back in again and you need the third one for the same day. We love the swimming thank goodness the keep the pool heated nicely to about eighty-three degrees even in December and January. Summer is really fun here where everybody's in the pool, as in the winter some people just don't get psyched up as much because of the cooler air temperatures even though the water still fantastic once you get in.

You get two nice queen beds and a decent size room, a great tv with disney channel and a refrigerator. I like everything about it starting from the parking lot. Try to get a shady spot under one of those big giant trees. I thought the Food Court was exceptional and very easy for everybody that needs a snack. Older kids can go over by themselves and get something to eat and bring it back out to the Swimming Pool. I think a budget pick is a good one because you need a lot of cash if you're heading over to Magic Kingdom and the rest of the parks, and the beer prices are crazy inside the theme parks.

I would definitely stop and get your own alcohol at the local Publix grocery store, plus snacks, and fruit. It was great to see a lot of different things and we looked at the French Quarter Hotel and might stay there next time because it looks great. I like the opportunity of being at one of the mid-level resorts where you get the free Boat Rides. I think Epcot really has it going on now, and it is better than ever because of all the different musical spots, even German Music inside that one fantastic restaurant where you can buy the German beer. Maybe the best part of all was just being able to Get Extra Theme Park Hours because you're staying on disney property.
Barry B.

Pop Century

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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