Italian Margherita at Epcot

Italian Margherita at Epcot

You get a little of rome, florence and tivoli, plus the best ever antipasto. All visitors get to take a nice walking tour of the old city, with world-famous restaurants to stop at. You can't beat dinner expertly paired with wine from the area. This is the best zone, as Italy is very authentic. Do see the Sergio show, tutto italia restaurant, and the italian treats coffee shop.
Chong D.

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You want to Eat

The best of Orlando meatloaf has arrived and it's right here at this wonderful place. It takes a little bit of homework to figure out where you want to eat when you have so many good places within five miles of your hotel. Even the Food Court Menu at the disney hotels is fantastic. After you do all of your walking and your Picture Spot taking, then you will probably be hungry and this is my spot for the meatloaf.

There is a whole art to cooking meatloaf and it really does take a little bit of time and effort because the ingredients have to be selected carefully. For a big group five pounds of meat is plenty. If you want to get more, you can put it in your freezer and you can borrow my meatloaf pan. I never hardly use it. Just an fyi, the new Swan Resort refrigerator does not seem as big as the old one. It is a little more narrow so we have to consider that now.

Renato C.

Italy Showcase

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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