Japanese Store

Japanese Store

It's pretty cool to shop in a place that you don't really know what most of the stuff is named or at least how to pronounce it! This might be the best place to Go Shopping and all of Orlando. I like The Mall at millennia but it doesn't compare to the international Shopping Opportunities that they have over here.

While you cruise around and are checking out the various showcase shops, there will be All sorts of Entertainment and stuff that you probably would not expect like the Japan Drummers. They know how to keep you happy and entertained at the same time, so therefore you'll stay longer and spend more money!

I spend my money freely and it's nice to get some things that are so authentic and one-of-a-kind. You just don't find this kind of stuff everywhere around and it can really spice up your living room or even your wardrobe. Those after dinner robes at the ladies where, are fantastic and so Colorful. What could be better than Shopping for Treasures!
Kelli L.

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Epcot Showcase on Tokyo

Here we are in tokyo, the spot for dining japanese style! Do not miss the Mitsukoshi Department Store, as it is loaded with far east goodies. Check out the hibachi and sushi menu filled with a variety of appetizers and entrees, plus fully stocked liquor bar.

Check the schedule to for the live matsuriza music entertainment. Not far at all is the Ponderosa Steakhouse for family dining and the New Punjab Indian Restaurant cafe.

August C.

Mitsukoshi Department Store

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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