Line Dance

Line Dance

This is a cannot miss show, they are just awesome and too cool. One of the top things to get involved and you can dance right on stage with the crew! Things not to miss at Disney Orlando includes any opportunity to get on stage.

They take all ages, youthful to grandparents. Everyone will smile wide and bright. Make sure you take the free Disney dance lessons!

Enjoy african flavors at tusker house restaurant. Could not have been more happy with all the cool new things at Animal Kingdom Orlando. Learn to eat and dance the Disney way! Highlights were Kilimanjaro Safaris, mickey's Jungle Parade, and the Harambe Acrobats. Do not miss the Harambe Acrobats, fantastic.

Oh yes, the african area of Animal Kingdom is very fun and you get to dance! The dancing acrobats have shows here at maybe four or five times per day.

Use fastpass on the safari. It is way too wild. Take your camera on Kilimanjaro Safaris for some great shots. I have been so impressed with the new focus on acrobats, dancing, and high wire entertainment.
Zackary H.

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Line Dancing

In addition to the line dancing opportunity, the safari is primetime. You board into an open-sided safari looking vehicle and head right out deep into a giant farm. Get your Fast Pass early, as this ride is very popular.

This ride is top-choice-best when the animals come out more, which means on very cool mornings, and the winter months are tops. This ride goes through water filled with Gators. All will trek down through the Zoo trail on a special travel bus, the nice-quality-perfect time to nibble on a large tuna from Blimpie Subs we brought in with us.

See endangered critters from far away up close on this scenic safari animal show adventures. See all sorts of critters and animals in ways that you never thought possible. Here it is, Disney's backyard animal farm.

Gilbert N.

Dancing at Disney

Dancing at Disney is just the best. Plan for cyber Monday for gift Shopping at Goofy's Candy Company which is super. All of the Disney Africa merchandise is on sale for the beloved online Shopping day. We found out that even Disney has a cyber Monday. You can not beat this, all without the lines at Macy's or leaving the living room couch!

Judson J.

Get on Stage

What fun is the opportunity to get on stage and be part of the show. It was a special vacation as we got the Hotel pick for Swimming Pools which was a winner. Chevys was nice for the food when heading to International Drive for the Shopping.

Berry P.


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