Spark the Imagination

Spark the Imagination

What a good list of all the things to do around Orlando away from the Theme Parks. This was an excellent time for us, the whole family. Teenagers can get into this as well as younger children, and adults will find it fascinating. Be careful when you step inside the inversion tunnel, as being turned upside down is just the way it is.

They know how to make the unexplainable come to life right in front of your very eyes. There's a whole story behind this complex, and it's all about the best Disney World scientists getting together and creating another place for families to enjoy when there on vacation. We love this location here on International Drive, plus there's another Wonderworks in Florida at Panama City Beach.

It reminds me somewhat of Dave and Buster's amusement center which is about three blocks away, because you are hands on and get to do things. I never had been to a motion theater like this one which will really shake your around. Make sure you get a photograph when you lie on the bed of nails, if you make it out alive.

The speed of light game is one that the kids liked to test your ability to react both using your feet and your hands. Small kids will freak out in the bubble lab. You can wear a spacesuit just like in the Kennedy Space Center with the nasa experience, plus they have sports games and fighter jets.

There are quite a few indoor amusement parks in this town, and we like that. When you get in town look for the coupons to get discounts for all of these attractions. It is worth it to save a few bucks on everything and it only takes a moment or two with your smart phone or at the hotel concierge desk.
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