Live Shows for Kids

Live Shows for Kids

Beautiful is that wonderful photo of those five little girls on stage there at the Magic Kingdom. We found out you can actually spend most of the day just in Fantasyland and have a great time. Those adorable old classic Disney movies stars from the cartoons are the best of all for little children.

Some of the kids get to speak on stage as they have a short line or two that is asked of them. I have never seen so many cameras snapping photos from parents towards their children in my life.

This is truly a magical place if you come here with a fantastic attitude and up bright pretty day so the photography is outstanding. We use the photo pass from the Disney people to take a lot of photos, but mostly we did these on the own and turned out excellent.
Hannah V.

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Laugh Time is the Daily Shows

The Fantasyland Theater is now home to a super show, Mickey and the Magical Map. We Love the Characters from Fantasia, like Apprentice Mickey and Sorcerer Yen Sid. I love the rides on a journey through the magical map to some of Disney's most beloved movies.

Taking photos and video is a big part of what we like to do when were here. Beginning at the Entrance to the Theme Park you begin to put the smiles on big. We came to see the Art on Display and of course we love the fact that the hotels in the area are fantastic. The Bluegreen Vacations Fountains hotel turned out to be very special. For going out one evening I would try Johnnie's Hideaway for some great food.

Tyrone T.


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