Lots to Explore at Epcot

Lots to Explore at Epcot

We love the real american bbq, and get some on each visit to Epcot Orlando. What a neat Place to Eat and explore. Learn about a bunch of top american leaders and how life was for them. What national treasure we have had. This is also where the Disney music concerts are held each day, starting at about 6pm.

We learned a lot on our three day super trip over here to Orlando for a vacation of a lifetime. I really enjoyed staying at one of the good hotels as we wanted A Superior Place to Stay in the area.

To me one of the best parts is taking advantage of the entire system and Free Disney Parking is a Treat. Do try the Colorful Monorail, ferryboats, and Bus Transportation to move around Disney.
Laurence O.

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American Adventure

With Disney you have a ride, as once inside disney property, it is complementary transportation. The transportation if fun too, as the Disney employees do a great job of helping you with travel tips, restaurant recommendations, and keeping you from getting lost. These are available in both single-passenger and double-passenger models.

Just look at the major connection points, for instance where the Monorail stops and Theme Park entrances. Strollers are available for rent on the grounds. Remember Kesh for dining and International Drive is an entertaining idea.

Abram N.

Epcot America

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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