Musical Show

Most people will probably think that this is one of the highlights of the entire day at the Theme Park. Going to one of these special Stage Show Events is a whole different level of entertainment as compared to the roller coasters. I think my kids got a lot more out of this than they anticipated.

It is a nice mix of humor, singing, and very good musical theatrics. Adults might even laugh or cry, and the kids will for sure. The songs are so good it is likely you will be downloading them on the way home so you can listen in the car.

One would expect that a big production here would be good. But this is much better than that, perhaps exceptional is a better way to label it. They know how to act and the humans do hide, but it is right between your eyes.
Lara V.

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Sitting on the Front Row

What Wonderful Theatrics, but You do not want the front row here. Maybe ten back or even farther. It puts it all in a better viewing angle for the production. Especially if you are going to video tape it.

The Buena Vista Palace was a great pick. Stop at Aldi to get snacks, food, and beer to save some cash. You're gonna need at least one day to go on International Drive and check out that whole scene.

We were very impressed with the entire area and if you can bring your bicycles it is a wonderful area for bicycle riding. Florida's flat, making it easy to ride around for hours without really getting tired and then you have the swimming pools to go back to when you get to the hotel.

Roxie G.

Finding Nemo

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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