My Favorite Disney Golf Course

My Favorite Disney Golf Course

You will love the golf course options on your Orlando area vacation. Around the Disney area, this makes a very good day on the links. You can take in the I-Drive fun after your golf outing. Very nice spot for golf.

Did you know that the Disney Magnolia Golf Course is on the pga tour tournament schedule. Ok Florida Travel Commander, that is my top golf course for sure.

We can look into eat at philly connection cafe during the trip for the subs. I have not put in for my vacation time yet but I plan to take off december twenty four to january four. It will be almost two weeks off for an Orlando vacation suite and lots of driving the ball deep down the fairway.
Brandon A.

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Golf Course

It is possible we might be able to check-in early, and golf right then. We just have to call the course when heading to the hotel. I love the golf and the deals for Disney gift Shopping, but it better be at Walmart prices, as $15 for a tic tac box is too high! Fantastic for cheap golf balls!

I can't wait to see it fly down the green. I got you an italian Orlando Wawa sub so If you get Hungry out on the course to help yourself. I also like the Tokyo Japanese Sushi Bar and Grill for dining and of course the Koa Campground for rv trips.

Damion B.

Magnolia Golf Course

1950 Magnolia Palm Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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