North Orlando Hotel with Kitchen

North Orlando Hotel with Kitchen

Ok, Florida Travel Commander, I think that will work at the hotel. I thought we would just stay around here and stay around your house, but since you have the points, we could use them. I think we could staydecember twenty four anddecember twenty five in Orlando. We can stayjanuary one, two, and three in Melbourne. That will work I can come to your house fordecember twenty eight, twenty nine, and thirty. Depending on how kitty does, I can ask molly to look in on him once while we are in Melbourne, if I think that is needed.

I stayed at the hotel last spring and it is excellent, because it's only a two story complex. All of the buildings are spaced out so you don't feel all crammed up like your staying at the Hard Rock Resort, which is nice but you have hallways to go through. I am not a big fan of hotels with the hallways that seem endless and go on and on as you walk by everybody's room to get to yours.

When we checked in the everybody was smiling inside and I like that quite a bit. I didn't realize on the reservation I set up, for whatever reason I picked a lower floor unit. Of course there's only the first floor of the second floor, but I didn't really have a preference and I asked the hotel staff member what is best. I appreciate a frank and honest answer to a question and they said, if you're on the second floor you will have to worry about whoever's above you. That makes a lot of sense and so we picked the second floor unit, hallelujah!

The free breakfast is a big deal and I have to admit I like it and the twenty-four hour a day coffee. I was really shocked when they told me that the second coffee tub is the freshest and they recommended I get that one. They watch what you do and help you along the way to get the best of the best.

It was really cool having a basketball court that has a net all away around it. I had an old basketball sitting in my garage so I brought the needle and the pump. Sure enough we did shoot some hoops at the hotel. This was Christmas eve, as we shot hoops at the hotel on Christmas eve with a beer bottle close by. I had to sing a little bit of jingle bells and we had fun here.

You get a full kitchen with everything. They even have fresh dishwasher soap ready to go so you can run the dishwasher when you need too. Expect what you would want at home and plus everything is clean and spotless. They have extra garbage bags waiting underneath if you happen to fill up the garbage container. It's only a short walk to the big dumpster and you can drop it right in. We were on the side that had a big open forest to look out over and there are a lot of cats, which was excellent and squirrels, plenty of nature.

I just wanted to take a couple moments and explain what a nice time we had here. They don't have the Disney channel that you watch when you stay at All-Star Sports Resort for example on the tv. When you stay inside one of the Disney hotel rooms they have a special channel, which is excellent. That was about the only thing they didn't have, so I give it a big thumbs up.
Rebekah F.

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