Live Events

Live Events

Planning for your Disney day is all about focusing on the live event schedule. It is the key to success because those are the best parts of everything as far as I'm concerned. You can see Dancing and Singing Live or be the Star of the Show as it's up to you. I would say go ahead and Give this One Five Stars and there are many others that are equally as impressive. The narrator is really good at explaining everything.

You wait a little bit and then eventually you get on one of those big tram trucks, maybe it's a car, it holds a lot of people for sure. There is a cast member who's lead your particular tram along the journey and will tell you about things that are happening around you. We thought the whole thing was done very well with the genuine movie props and costumes displayed as you walk in during the beginning part.

Very young children in the preschool type age group might have a hard time with it the dark and loud scenes. All in all it's a well done attraction. Watch out for the gangster plot, as when that happens things get pretty loud. I would make sure that the line is less than fifteen minutes before going on this particular attraction. Many times you can walk right in, especially in the morning.
Monty S.

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For all Ages

You get to see some pieces, or rather, film clips on a jumbo screen. You are presented with a pre-show of movie stuff, like various costumes and props. It will really get your mind thinking about old movies, and might bring back some really good memories.

Try the Great Movie Ride with young kids. I think there are so Many good Things here you will be over to get it all done on one day. The Star Wars Experience was exceptional.

Another thing I was impressed with was the Theme Park Food. You will get hungry walking around, so make sure you read up on the Top Picks for Restaurant Dining at whatever spot the menu looks the best for you.

Guy W.

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