Unique Things to See and Do

Unique Things to See and Do

Disney did a fantastic job with this entire Sunset Blvd concept. Talk about finding some highly engaging, unique things to see and do. A sure thing and Must Do Orlando ride. Our must do pick list: Rock n Roller Coaster, Beauty-and-the-Beast, and Tower of Terror.

The best thing to do is not worry about being scared on some of the rides. If you don't like going superfast or being dropped like a rock in an elevator, you're gonna miss out on some of the best things there is to do. I think the overall objectives of the theme park are to scare you, but not to make you throw up!

Some people say that the simulator rides are about as bad as it gets. Like simulating spaceflight for example. To me the Wet Rides are so Fun but that's more in the summer in the spring when it's warmer out, not for January. We were So Happy with the Reservation we made as hotel picking is another big part of maximizing your experience in this wonderful city. We were also very happy with the Aloft Orlando Downtown hotel.
Penny R.

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Enjoy this Marvel of a Ride

As an avid teenage Disney fanatic, I found this to be one of the best rides out there. I could never get over the pre-show jitters I felt in line.

Geoffrey B.

Tower Hotel

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