Food and Fuel Depot

I went to Wawa and I am eating a Wawa sub right now and it is delicious! They had free coffee for everyone and the place was packed full of every Philly transplant in the area. You are going to like it.

They have healthy foods like really nice pre-made salads, and good prices. The sell the tastykake pies, for when you were asking where's the pie store. They have Tastykake pies for 99 cents. You will never go without pie again!

What is better than a Sub Shop With Pre-Made Salads. Get gas and go. You cannot get gas at Subway or Taco Bell. I love rhe Tastykake Pie Store.
Brian V.

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Orlando Gas Stations

For Tampa traffic it looks good using the baynews nine tool, where you can even see the latest photo by hoovering over the little camera icons. Getting through Tampa and Orlando for the east coast trips is key to keeping the smiles on! If you have to stop do the Great Surprises at the Park or hit the Sports Bar zone.

Lincoln B.


5910 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando FL 32821

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