Lake Buena Vista Hotel

Lake Buena Vista Hotel

From the moment we arrived, we knew it was going to be a very special vacation experience. The Disney World planners built a lot of hotel rooms and it does fill up during peak periods, but often there are plenty of availability. How to select your hotel is just a matter of personal preference for you, your family, and your children.

If a discount price is important, these are great choices to get the most of your Orlando Florida vacation. The room rates are very advantageous certain times of the year when the vacancy rates go higher. Put this on your to do list as everybody needs to stay here at least once. We really liked all-star Movie Resort and have to rave over it. These are good choices for value prices Disney World resorts.

Really you can't wrong with either of the all-star hotels in Orlando for the budget prices. When you get a bunch of kids and families together with Big Smiles on their face, they actually make a lot of noise giggling back and forth. I cannot remember exactly, but I think the swimming pools are open until midnight. The grounds are lovely in the morning, and even at night.

You can swim and will love it in the pool. Very nice are the two-bedrooms suites at the Key West Resort, but this is way cheaper with to queen-size beds and a standard size unit. They have quiet time around the swimming pools starting at nine pm, as during the day this place is pretty rowdy because people are smiling and laughing.
Cruz T.

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Splashable Pleasures

Plan on having a really good time and bring your bathing suits. You probably are going to need a couple of bathing suits if you want to put a dry one on because you will likely go into the Swimming Pool multiple times during the day. We would typically go do some kind of activity and come back in and jump in the afternoon. Later we went out for dinner, sort of a late lunch at the Ming Court cafe, and then of course back to the hotel for some more swimming.

Having a really big Swimming Pool is a big deal. We tried the Pirates Dinner Adventure and took the kids, and they liked it. Perhaps it's better to stick to miniature golf and spend the extra money on cost-effective restaurants like Perkins Restaurant which was good.

Overall we were really happy to come to Orlando and enjoy this excellent area. The town is clean and everywhere you go you feel like you are in a special place they have some nice bicycle trails up and Altamonte Springs if you happen to get up that way. We were definitely glad to bring bicycles on the bicycle rack so we could do some other things besides the theme parks and still get lots of exercise. Enjoying the weather and swimming was the best part.

Sadie R.

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1991 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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