Orlando Ideas with Younger Children

Orlando Ideas with Younger Children

We think the water parks are one of the best values going in Orlando. Because you get to ride the slides so many times over and over again, you feel like you really get more action out of the day. Try to go when the Orlando schools system is in session and wait lines are much shorter. The water parks are the best deal going in Orlando for family play.
Ida U.

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Keeping Kids Happy

Kids love the water pleasures and the sports stuff. Volleyball is the sport our kids like best, so we got them in the aau junior national volleyball championships. Most of the resorts have at least one court, so do play volleyball with friends and family on very well-groomed beach sand. The big volleyball events at Disney Orlando are held at the Wide World of Sports Park. This is an exciting event to see.

Rosanna Y.

Typhoon Lagoon

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