African Dance

African Dance

QUESTION: Our young kids love animals and we want to do some of that during the Orlando Vacation week. Any suggestions for places around the area? ANSWER: Animal lovers have no problem trying to figure out what to do with the kids this weekend, as Animal Kingdom is awesome! It is a huge Zoo, plus it has lots of rides, shows, and lots of adorable new additions. See the rhinos, lions, monkeys, bulls, parrots and more.
Jared C.

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When to go to Animal Kingdom Park

The parking lot is the biggest we have ever seen. They can really put a lot of people in this park, so you want to go when the kids that live locally are in school. Go early when you visit this theme park as the animals love cool air and not heavy daytime heat.

Ty Y.

Day-trips to Disney from Winter Park

The place to take in all kinds of zany live music, parades, big smiles, and entertainment. Great for kids too, a huge success. We came over from Winter Park, an easy day trip for us.

Dallas J.

Big Smiles

Taking lots of video is so cool on the trips. It takes some time to get good with Disney video taking. I want to do lots of video at home with the kids. Thank goodness my video set up for your house to install next trip is going well.

Video pet safety on your smart phone 24-7 is very important to protect the kitty at his advanced age. This will be your gift of the year. The microphones will work two ways, of course with video you can see him. Four cameras will monitor your inside home at all times. You can talk to the kitty from work on your smart phone! Speakers will broadcast your voice if kitty pooh is misbehaving.

Animal Kingdom is the perfect place to go. Lion King kitty will hear you talk to him from anywhere in the world! You will be able to give the kitty a call.

Wilda A.

Entertainment at Animal Kingdom

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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