Highest Rated Small Kid Attractions

Highest Rated Small Kid Attractions

That is the perfect photo of the entrance area when you go up to Spaceship Earth. The line forms outside and you can see it from the Monorail when you come over from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot. This is the first ride opportunity, or you can skip it and come back and get it later.

They completely revamped this particular attraction to make it all modern and better than ever. I would say it takes about forty five minutes total to do this one once you get started, because they added a bunch of things on the back end of the ride.

There's a lot of things to see and you can get some great high-tech photographs of you and your ride partners. This particular attraction is probably twice as good as it used to be back in the old days. This is a good warm-up for Mission to Mars and Space Mountain rocket ride.
Jean M.

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Personalized Photos on the Rides

I love the way they secretly take the picture and create a surprisingly funny, personalized photos on the rides. The kids were so excited walking up to metallic multifaceted sphere of Epcot. From the front gate, many people head straight inside to ride Spaceship Earth.

We also played golf at the Rio Pinar Country Club and loved it. We would recommend Anthony's Pizzeria or try the Red Oven restaurant if you go over to Citywalk. If you really want to eat fancy in this town you should try one of the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse or maybe the Le Cafe De Paris for a yummy meal.

Louisa S.

Ride Spaceship Earth

200 Epcot Center Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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