Picking a Disney Hotel Winner

Picking a Disney Hotel Winner

It was really fun and I couldn't imagine staying at any other place in Orlando. Everyday is just like a beach party and have a great menu at the poolside barefoot pool bar. Where is the best beach in Orlando, at the Polynesian Resort. Check the daily hotel event schedule, which is the most important thing to know when staying at Disney. They have watersports games for kids and drinking cocktail games for adults.
Lora F.

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Island Resort

How exciting can it be when you first arrive in your pulling your luggage through the beach sand on the sidewalk! Is pretty here, and we really like the beach because it gives central Florida are real ocean feel. I didn't know what to expect, I thought there was going to be Disney characters all over the place so we mainly be hanging around with Mickey Mouse and Goofy Dog. It is quite the opposite, of very tropical oasis to relax and enjoy yourself and they have really entertaining music going everywhere. As you walk around you'll hear the tunes the tropical music billboard.com just like it here down in Key West. I was so impressed by all the mile marker twenty-four band milemarker24.com music that they play down here in Florida and it fits perfectly with the tropical hotel. This is a homebase where you can do nothing but the disney stuff or branch out and really get into the shopping and zaxbys.com dining. We had fun with a little bit of everything, and you will be busy every moment of the day which is what we wanted.

Keith T.

Polynesian Resort

1600 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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