Disney Lunch Ideas

Disney Lunch Ideas

Boardwalk is a entertainment area near Epcot that has a jumping nightlife. In the evening here, it has a very cool atmosphere. It is a giant wooden Boardwalk, next to a body of water with shops, restaurants, and dance clubs there. It will cost you to eat and drink, but there is not entrance fee or parking charge.

We love the Disney Vibe. You can walk around and check out all three, excuse me all five of the hotels in this zone. Of course very close thereby is the Boardwalk Inn Resort, the Swan Resort, Dolphin Resort, Beach Club resort, and the Yacht Club Resort.

With so much activity and people in one zone you know it's happening all the time. At night they have dancing at a couple of the clubs and of course there's many places to eat. Other places nearby if you're gonna hop in the car that we enjoyed a lot included Copper Canyon and Cuba Libre cafe.
Long T.

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Lunch in Lake Buena Vista

This is one of the areas that we often like to go to since we live not far away in Orlando. It's always got a nice little five and they have comedy along the Boardwalk periodically throughout the evening. The piano guy is hilarious.

Lucille U.

Prime Lunch Spots

2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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