Recommended Orlando Campgrounds

Recommended Orlando Campgrounds

Discover how Disney rvs can bring you closer to mickey and minnie! It is so fun if you can stay at the best campground in all of Florida. Rent the golf cart and discover how far the trails can take you. They have horses, shuffle board, fishing and all things possible.

Of all of the hotel amenities that you get to take advantage of, I think the boat rides of the best thing of all. What a pleasure it is to leave your automobile sitting the entire vacation. You never need to use it at all because they have everything you need to get you around to the various attractions and pleasure zones.

We looked for a long time at the different hotel options and we decided this year to go with the rv travel trailer which we rented for one week. It was exciting and a whole lot different than staying at the All-Star Sports Resort. The cheaper hotels do not have Boat Taxi rides, but the campground does and so does some of the other mid-level and deluxe disney hotels.
Russel T.

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Boat Rides

You pay extra to get these fantastic amenities but boy do they sure make a vacation a really nice treat. The Boat Taxi rides come back and forth and you don't really wait much at all, just a couple minutes or so and then you will hear the horn blasts out pretty loud as the boat approaches the dock. If you go out try the Asian Buffet or Godfathers Pizza Restaurant.

Kimberlee J.

Love the Disney Extras

We love Florida camping, and do a lot of good places like Fort Wilderness Resort at Disney. It's nice to be outside, and we take our bicycles, but eventually you're gonna want a good night sleep. I like the Coleman brand a lot, deluxe with the foam mattress. It is extremely comfortable and I would recommend that for most people. The price is right when you shop at amazon or Walmart stores. It is one of the best folding sleeping cots on the market that you can carry in your car.

Shopping for camping cots that are really sturdy and wide it is a tough task, but I figured it out. Obviously you need a camping cot that will hold your body weight, but stronger is better. Nobody likes squeaking noises from any bed when you're sleeping. For most people at three hundred pound camping body weight maximum is excellent.

The teton xxl is huge, just like a twin bed. Yes the teton sports xxl cot is the biggest cot we've ever used here in Florida.

Jackie R.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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