Center Stage

Do not miss this stuff as, there is no doubt, the on stage shows really deliver a special time for all ages there are stages at various places are around each of the Theme Parks. It is all ages darn-near-perfect. Hollywood Studios has a majorily-big stage right in the center of it all where a lot of good performances happen each day, every hour or so.

Have your Camera Ready and you will definitely want to check the times guide, as soon as you walk through the entrance gate. Pay close attention to Live Performances, because the rides are always here.

Go about ten minutes early. You never know who you're gonna see since they bring in celebrities all the time to do comedy stand-up, dance band music, and of course Mickey Mouse performs all the time. During the special weekends things are really great around here like for super soap weekend and ESPN the Weekend, plus their Star Wars Weekend and many others.

It is the top-choice-best of times. Out of hundreds of people that audition each day at american idol Orlando experience, only eighteen are chosen to perform that day. The eighteen winners get to perform in front of an audience that can top one thousand.

The performance is broadcast on a giant screen out in front of the american idol attraction. Everyone will want to watch, vote, and even perform at this Orlando TV show studio. Best of all to do at Hollywood Studios is the on stage experiences.
Faustino R.

Hollywood Studios

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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