Soccer Courts for Kids

Soccer Courts for Kids

This is one we look forward to in a big way, for the soccer team drills. What an Espn Weekend it will be, so arrive and strategize early. Check the Times Guide and circle your target ESPN Celebrities. Let your children play for at least an hour in the ESPN Interactive Soccer Zone.

Kick the soccer ball through the hole and you win a prize! I've noticed more and more over the years that they give surprises out to guests that do something special. You might just get lucky sometimes and they pull you in and congratulate you for being the guest of the day.

If you get hot and make a lot of these goals in a row you could be the best person that has performed so far and they will give you something. I love that, the extra things that are unexpected.
Wilda T.

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Soccer Ball

We thought that Hollywood Studios Theme Park has really picked up it's steam with all the great shows like Indiana Jones. There are plenty of things to do when you're not waiting for one of the fastpass rides like the Character Greetings and make sure you Do the Tram Tour.

Not everybody's going to be able to handle the Fastest Orlando Theme Park Ride, but that's okay. It has slowly gotten more costly to go to any of the parks, but you do get more entertainment value than ever. Ok, Florida Travel Commander as kids can get hurt a bit playing Soccer. I am glad your kids are ok and not hurt much. Everything will work out over time. You might have a better perspective in a few days. It is too new right now. You should give it some time to figure out what happened. Kids want to play games, even if they get hurt every now and then! I vote for Grand Cypress Academy of Golf to play 18 holes and Papa John's Pizza for Dining.

Estela F.

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