Disney Springs Restaurants

Disney Springs Restaurants

Thanks for recommending the best restaurant at Disney Springs for families to have lunch or dinner. I thought it was quite impressive, the menu of good food selections. It's good for a family because they have a little bit of everything from the salads to the Pizza.

When you're doing all the walking around Disney all day, eventually you have to have a big filling meal. If you want to do something special get the spinach and peaches salad with grilled chicken, fresh peaches, strawberries, spinach, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, and they put on top of tomato balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

They make salads like you've never had them before. They remind me of the Hard Rock Cafe salads, big and super flavorful. They have a watermelon and feta cheese salad that has spinach and other ingredients to make it super special.

For the sandwich lover probably the roast beef was the best tasting one that we tried. I think it's the sourdough bread that they use on the roast beef sandwiches that makes it so special. The chicken salad sandwiches excellent on wheat bread and I Highly Recommend that. Even our five-year-old child love the chicken salad sandwich.

Inside the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. The menu is very entertaining and has some pretty nice dish offerings. The thanksgiving every day dish includes oven roasted Turkey Legs, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and even some super tasty homemade gravy on top. This is an exceptional Place to Eat, and my top pick for the Disney Springs restaurants for families.
Anton B.

Planet Hollywood

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