Pure Pleasures that Keep You Wet

Pure Pleasures that Keep You Wet

No place can match the family fun and adventures like the Disney Orlando Waterparks. We head over whenever they offer the Family Fun Day Specials. In Orlando, it is all about finding the deals and taking the discounts. It is so fun soaking, riding, and relaxing.

this is what waterpark days are all about at Blizzard Beach. It is the Very best of disney Recreation. This is one of the places you cannot get tired of. It is really fitness oriented, as you do lots of climbing and walking in between each of the rides. You will burn more calories here per hour than any of the theme parks. Great place, plenty of Splash play!

After your plunge, you can select from many great places to eat. You do burn plenty, I agree. Has lockers to store valuables, and be sure to use them or lock everything in the truck of your car. After the day, try Mario's Pizza or the Ming Court for dining.
Irwin E.

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Perfect Day Trips to Disney Orlando

Get ready to scream in the rush of white water fun as you take on the very best of disney Orlando Water Rides. With these rides, you have to hold on tight as the water current rushes you through the corkscrew tunnels and dark corridors before a breathtaking Splash sends you splashing at the end.

All family style fun, with twists and turns like you've never seen before. Only Disney can do these. We went to Best Buy after to get batteries and I needed a headset for doing my disney videos. I also ordered this: Logitech Gaming Headset G330. For $35, and It got good reviews for the microphone quality and I can always use just the headphones on the bicycle on International Drive.

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Blizzard Beach

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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