Sports and Cheerleading Complex

Sports and Cheerleading Complex

Disney gets everyone involved with their favorite sports games, plus the cheerleaders. This Disney sports complex has an ongoing list of daily sports events and is an amazing part, often missed by many. If your kids like sports, do not miss looking at the event schedule. They have lots of things children can signup for or do right then.

My girls could've not been more happy with the entire experience. It is like a summer camp, yet they get to do something they really want to do. The training is good, and everybody's careful. Of course when you're doing anything athletic most likely somebody's going to get hurt or maybe sprained an ankle a little bit. It's just part of kids being kids growing up, and luckily they will really get fantastic coaching.

The entire event was one of the better things we could've ever done for both the kids and adults, because everybody has fun enjoying the Orlando area and International Drive. It was a pleasure using the bus service to get to things including the restaurants in the downtown area. I would tell everybody to try the Ponderosa Steakhouse for really good food and they have another place called Fuddruckers which is super for the family.
Monroe F.

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Sports Park

For whatever reason, I am a man blessed with a sixty five mph softball fastball. I love the larger seams and since I used the split finger pitch and the knuckle curveball so much in my baseball games. Later I switched to softball, and it has always been easy for me to toss a rocket ship fastball with a softball. Oh well, a hidden talent that can toss some very good softball batting practice!

Cyril W.

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