Staying for Cheap

Staying for Cheap

One of the things you need to think about when you're booking one of these Disney Resorts is all about the swimming pool. Each one is a little different but all fabulous indeed. Some of them have the basketball, others have volleyball inside the pool to play while you are wet. I'm waiting to see the high dive, but they haven't put one of those in yet. It would be pretty amazing if they did have a high dive where you could watch people do that at the same time, because I've done that before and it's amazing.

Here there's plenty to look at because the kids are going absolutely bananas in the Swimming Pool and the little kids are so happy. All of the girls in your group can have their bikini on to enjoy the sun and fun and the guys can bring the sports toys and play in the pool, it is a pool For all Ages. Shooting hoops from a Swimming Pool is a fabulous thing and they have swimming pool toys floating around that you can use.

Bring your own toys, anything that will float and it is fun to use by the swimming pool. For squirt guns that fill-up underwater and the kid pops out and can shoot about fifty feet in the air are a great thing to bring. The lifeguards are here to keep kids under control so even though they have toys and are playing around, there is some rules to follow. Belly flops are allowed into the swimming pool but not advised. There's always a couple the old dads that want to jump in and do foolish things, not so much the kids, they are behaved nicely.

Using the buses was no problem at all and they are very pretty and quiet inside. You will feel like a rock 'n roll legend being carted around in a Disney bus. Plan on the best of times because you have it all and a great Food Court or try something like for Unique Dining. The value resorts really do come through with shining stars.

Having a refrigerator is a big deal and you get that. It's fun looking at the pictures before you go on vacation of the property itself because it will get you psyched up. Use your car sometimes if you need to, if the bus lines are long. It's close to fast food and get to everything fast, so there's no problem if you have to use your car to just go for five minutes.
Loretta W.

Pop Century

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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