Storyline is about American History

Storyline is about American History

We had a very enjoyable time here, as it had been around 10 years since the last time we came to the Magic Kingdom. We like to fun stuff in the rides, but there's a lot in the history of Disney and America mixed in. Splash Mountain was probably the best thing going on and it has such a long build up before the big plunge!
Clyde G.

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Pay Tribute to Past

The holiday season is a super time to pay tribute to past presidents of the USA! Packed up for the thanksgiving holiday is the meat thermometer tool. The turkey is supposed to be 170 degrees or higher to be safe. Key is not leaving it in there, as this one you poke in to check it after I pull the bird out and put it on the stove top. We will be safe eating it up and Lion King kitty too! If the meal is bad, we just head to Restaurant Row and pick from so many good places.

Joan P.

Hall of Presidents

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