Every Day is a Party

Every Day is a Party

Oh my goodness is this the perfect place to park your car right here at the Theme Park entrance. What a beautiful job they did because you do not have to hardly walk it all, with a fantastic high-speed sidewalk system. I don't know the fancy name for all the sidewalk technology, but this thing will get you up there quickly and before you know it you will be ready for the Best of the Day fun times.

I couldn't say enough good things about our experience during the entire day starting with the Blues Brothers doing their thing. I like Citywalk Restaurants for eating and don't miss the Comedy Fountain. Remember every day is a party, as this place is open seven days a week.

Florida Travel Commander, it is chilly here today and that means walking all day is easy. Even Lion King kitty loves it, and that is when the Zoo parks are best! My son loved it all and he has been outside all day. Lucky for us, the summer weather will be back next weekend. It will be eighty six next weekend. None of this cold weather and having to wear sweatshirt and long pants, as then we can hit the hotels with great pools!
Lenora D.

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Super Evening Destination

For food, get a window table at Emeril's. The theme parks would not be the same without Universal's shopping-and-dining complex. On the menu at Emeril's is banana cream pie with caramel sauce.

Earline P.

Universal Parking

Ok, Florida Travel Commander. I don't think parking will be too big of a problem on Friday night. I think Saturday is when parking will be a problem. We could park at BJ's Brewhouse and have lunch, then walk over. We have a lot to do, The spot to go for Orlando Smiles changes each day.

Markus U.

Parking at Citywalk

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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