Super free Disney Event

Super free Disney Event

This is a good one, we came away completely impressed with this entire event. I had no idea they transform this entire complex into an art museum and art show at the same time. The fact that a lot of things are about the Walt Disney team and the great Disney characters, adds quite a bit to the festive nature.

It's not all Disney goods there are all kinds of different genres of art, statues, jewelry and even glass art. I had no idea that glass could be shaped into so many different sizes and of course they make them into Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse.

Be sure to stop at the Lego Imagination Center if you have children as this is the coolest place for kids. They have a Bar of Ireland where they have great music each afternoon and they have those big tall cold beers. My favorite place for chocolate is the Ghirardelli Sweet Spot. We always like coming here, and thank goodness for free parking.
Marcellus M.

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Art Event Weekend Festival

If you love art, munchies, and wine, the place to be in Orlando is here. Most do not realize that Disney is the heart of florida's cultural. This is a great event and especially if your passion is food, art browsing, and vino. It is one of the most prestigious art events of all of florida.

You don't have to eat side the Disney places if you want to save some money. All around the area is very competitive for the restaurant industry and shopping for that matter. If you want to take food inside the theme parks, I would try the Blimpie Subs which is really good and the least expensive. Later in the day you might try a Howl at the Moon if you're in the mood for beer and wine. They also have a cool place called Krispy Kreme doughnuts which is awesome and the kids will love it.

Angelo O.

Festival of the Masters

1491 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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