Where to find Mickey Mouse

Where to find Mickey Mouse

There is the restaurant that is in the middle of Cinderella's Castle, on the third floor. A lot of people now know it's there, kind of like a hidden Mickey. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the castle. Eat with Goofy, and we would recommend the breakfast as this is a character eating breakfast. By far this is the hardest reservation to get in all of the Disney Orlando Parks. When you do check into Cinderella's Castle, it starts off with the Disney photographers photo shoot.
Joanne C.

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It is just the same for Younger Girls...Yes, dreams do come true at the world's number one attraction destination. We vote for Cinderella's Royal Table, which is part of the Magic Kingdom.

Mohammed S.

Places to go for Huge Smiles

Big Thunder takes you as a miner working deep down in the mines of a large mountain summit. We are going to do the behind-the-scenes tour of the upcoming additions to the Magic Kingdom Attractions. A very fun time is Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I think it is worth learning all the backstory events and history behind the park. We stay tuned to Disney TV for the exciting new additions to a classic attraction.

Olivia S.

Magic Kingdom

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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