Swimming in the Wave Pool

Swimming in the Wave Pool

This is one of Orlando's best attractions, as the guest do rave on there day. Do strategic planning on crowd avoidance, which typically means arrive early or right after storms have cleared. Just outstanding, we love stuff like this. Impressive is the wave pool area which is perfect for body surfing.

What a day it was, perhaps the best day of all for us. The water parks a great because you don't wait in lines for much time at all. The day we went it was pretty much half-full I would assume. The best part has to be the wave machine which does not look like much at first until you are out there and get slammed into by this monster wave.

We have gone over to Cocoa Beach and the Atlantic Ocean many times and it is so similar, except for there's no sharks in the water! I can promise you the wave machine will knock you off your feet if you are not prepared and leaning into the water when it smacks you.
Carroll B.

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Wave Machine

You can body surf the wave if you go out to the deeper area and get your speed going just as the wave approaches, just like a surfer would do at Cocoa Beach Pier. This is extra special and one of the better Summer Season Ideas for things to do with children in Orlando.

Ok, Florida Travel Commander there, I finished the beach chairs. I just need to pressure wash and paint the pavers at the Orlando condo, then off to the Disney Art Festival. I plan to do that next Sunday. I agree that I should get rid of the table out on the patio at the Beach Club first floor rooms, as It will make more room for bbq. After lets do Ahmed Indian Restaurant or Anthony's Pizza cafe.

Dallas C.

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