Splash Hotels

Splash Hotels

Book your fully equipped one bedroom villa for a super time. Disney has a few prime Splash hotels for swimming. Orlando's favorite hotels for disney are in the Epcot area. Enjoy the comforts of a Disney home so close to fun things For all Ages.

It is my pick for a central Florida Hotel winner. Live Entertainment daily right at the resort is special. Hotels close to Disney Epcot Park are highly valued. Give it my vote for the best location is the Epcot Area Hotels.

Take advantage of the free Extra Magic Hours. The Espn sports club is on the property. It is nice for us to take a fantastic one hour trips from Tampa. This is where to stay without a car in Orlando.

November is an excellent time to book one of those nice resorts here in Orlando. The good thing about Florida in the month of November is it is still plenty good for swimming because they keep the pool heated up to eighty-four degrees. Most of the time you can expect a good eighty degrees at least for two or three or four of the main afternoon daylight hours of sunlight and warmth, with a low of maybe sixty degrees or sixty-four degrees.
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Swimming Pool Winners in Orlando

There is a brewery at Boardwalk with top ratings. Hit the bar on the water, it is called Big River Grill and Brewing Works. You can sit outside and have a beer and you can see the Illuminations show at Epcot from there.

We came for the Wine Festival this year. And then we wanted to come back a few more times because we had so much fun. You can definitely save some money if you buy some of your food at Wendy's hamburgers, or stop at Chili's and there's a Hooters on International Drive that has fantastically good hot chicken wings and cold beer. For the grocery store, there's a place called Aldi which is really cheap, or go to the Winn-Dixie store.

Tomorrow's Presidential Debate will be held at my alma mater, the University of central florida. How neat! You know I will be watching from the hotel pool!

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Nice Resorts

It's impressive and a great place to go for vacation. It would be pretty tough to find a better place to stay in central Florida. Let me say many thanksgiving wishes to you. I go out of touch on trips and never check email or anything.

I go ghost, as my life is not tied to anything but short pants. Turkey Florida Travel Commander got a bird at Walmart for sixty eight cents a pound, while you can shoot yours out back with your matt dillion of gun smoke shotgun!

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Boardwalk Villas

2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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