Swirl Whirl Spin

Swirl Whirl Spin

Our top pick is Dinoland at Animal Kingdom. They have the best whirlybird ride, which is a spinning time machine. You think this is an easy rollercoaster, but then comes the the sudden dips and hairpin turns. The drops are not so bad, and young kids will go again and again.

Swirl is the best Disney ride that is good For all Ages. Do not let people tell you that this is an easy roller coaster. While it might look a little more tame than some of the other big roller coasters, but it does pack plenty of spins.

This is a good warm-up for sure, and a lot of fun. If you are a parent and are trying to get your young child into the roller coasters This is a Good One for them to learn on. The best thing to do is not just do this particular ride one time, but do it like five times in a row to get lots and lots of confidence. At some point your child can say, come on let's go do Expedition Everest.
Leah B.

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Easy Rollercoaster

That is the perfect jump to go from Primeval Whirl to Expedition Everest back to back. Call that the double whammy, a short version of the Triple Mountain Whammy they have over there at Magic Kingdom Theme Park. This is a hard ride to videotape while you're on the ride because of all the spins.

What a fun time. It was great at the park and the Springhill Suites for Staying Overnight. We went out to eat once and did enjoy the Mi Bandeja Paisa Restaurant for dining.

Harvey B.

Primeval Whirl

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