How about an Ocean Vacation

How about an Ocean Vacation

It was a pleasure to stay in one of the most popular beach towns in all of Florida. I really like the location, where you hop on your Beach Bike rental to go out for dinner! This is the lifestyle where you are relaxing, and truly get a vacation like no other.

The waves are consistent and usually pretty strong every day in the city. It is known for surfing, which has to do with the underwater topography that just happens to be good for surfboard riding. The beach vacation is all about shoreline pleasures, water sports, and happy hour Cocktail Time.

A lot of people want to take Flip-Flop Vacations and why wouldn't they. There is lots to do in the area and there are kayak ramps and Cocoa Beach. I do think for sure that Kennedy Space Center is a Great Day trip not far from the hotel, but mostly it will all be around this to buy two mile area. You don't have to go far at all to have all the things you could ever want to make things super special from the seafood to the attractions. You can actually take a long walk from the hotel all away down to the Jetty Park which is extra specially beautiful.

One of the better times to come visit this area is in the summer for the Swimming Season and when they have the Space Coast Launches. Make sure you check the Surf Report before you make plans as big waves are super cool. What a great hotel, very nice indeed.
Lucio A.


1550 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931-3268

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