Budget Eating

Budget Eating

Budget easy for your food during your Theme Park trips as the tickets to get inside are pretty darn pricey. You can definitely save some bucks by doing some budget eating at a place that we recommend highly near Disney world. It's a very cool Mcdonald's hamburger cafe, as inside are all kinds of electronic games For all Ages to enjoy.

Things are more fun and a lively restaurant where you can hear the sounds from people playing the pinball games and other arcade favorites. Cooks at the restaurant are really good with burgers and they have a whole different list of them these days. I love as my favorite the grilled onion cheddar burger.

The jalapeno double hamburger is a feast and great for a hungry appetite after walking all day at the theme parks. Really the basic cheeseburgers darn good and healthy because it's under three hundred calories if you tell them to hold off the mayonnaise. I never get mayonnaise on anything and would advise that for all of the Mcdonald's sandwiches. You can really save quite a bit of calories if you can hold off on the sauces or add on only the low-calorie ones like ketchup and mustard. Mayonnaise is your enemy when it comes to hamburgers, which they make so delicious here at this restaurant.

The strawberry milkshakes are fantastic to get on the way out. The milkshakes are super thick so they stay cold for a really long time because you can only sip a little bit on each swallow. This place is my favorite and you will save a lot of money on your budget.
Willy Z.

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Yummiest Shakes

One thing a lot of people don't realize is you can get those grilled wraps similar to a burrito but they have all different kinds of flavors. The ranch snack wrap grilled is a winner and very tasty. Whenever they have the mcrib sandwich on the menu you've got to get it and this is one of the Mcdonald's that it's always available.

Grab one before they're gone. Only for a limited time are the yummiest shakes. You heard it here first: shamrock shakes are back! They are super after some Chinese food at Anh Hong Restaurant or the Shrimp House and then off to The Mall for Shopping!

Willian M.

Hamburger and Fries

Make your child's next birthday one to remember and let us do all the work.our all-inclusive birthday party package is packed with Mcdonald's themed fun! You can relax, while your birthday party rangers handle all your party's needs. For sure Uno Pizzeria is a winner.

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