Top Orlando Hotels for Watersports

Top Orlando Hotels for Watersports

We were so happy with being able to experience a variety of Disney Resorts due to our love of the Key to the World Pass. We picked from the Caribbean Beach and then Port Orleans before graduating to the prime time Epcot Area Resorts. The resort is nice for collecting soap and shampoo with Mickey Mouse on the outside of the bottle. Pass holders have the ability to call central reservations to get a discount on the hotel deals. The Resort is a full speed good time and surrounded by plenty of places to eat and drink.
Lynwood T.

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Around the Swimming Pool

This is the place for the most entertainment around the Swimming Pool. Where do your children want to stay in Orlando, right here. I would not call this just a Swimming Pool, rather a deluxe zone for water sports pleasures. Everyone had an extra good time whenever we were back at the hotel lounging around the pool. This isn't the kind of pool where you get bored after about a half hour. You can stay out here and enjoy everything plus the full liquor bar at the hotel pool bar. The Epcot area is the nicest for disney resorts for a lot of reasons. You get so much for your hotel dollars. What a bonus is the Boardwalk entertainment and candy shop, which we did each evening. Your children will go to sleep early because they have been more active on this day than any day in their entire lives. This is busier than a full day of school and then little league practice for two hours after.

Duane C.

Yacht Club Lakeside

1700 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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