This is great Zone

This is great Zone

There are a lot on neat things to see that are not rides. Comedy is a big part of the theme park experience. This zone is where we like to go for big-thick-steaks. Great beef dishes are a big part of the country's heritage. Our day was not complete until we did test track and then celebrated with canadian beers.

You do know that Canada actually is the second largest country in the world by landmass. Of course that means there are fantastic places to go and all sorts of beautiful landscapes. It was nice to watch that 360 degree movie to really get into all of the options. Perhaps maybe the Western Canada area is where I'm gonna go first because I love the Rocky Mountains. It's just a beautiful backdrop with the snow on the top of the mountains and all kinds of places to go for outdoor adventures.

I think Calgary or Victoria would be our first target for a vacation trip. It's a long way from Florida but certainly worth every bit of the time and energy it takes to get up there. Of course we are going to go to Niagara Falls and take the free barrel ride down!
Tabatha T.

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Does not Epcot Canada steak eating not pair so well with an Epcot area resort! I am coming down Thursday morning for the Swan Resort trip. I plan to leave around 8am. I will be going home on Sunday. Let's get some July forth bbq food like burgers, beans, etc. I am going to make taco dip and bring it down.

We can get dunkin donuts which is cheaper than the Boardwalk Bakery but it is so good. Thank you ever so much uncle Florida Travel Commander. Your nieces appreciated getting out for a few minutes. No need to lock the side garage door when you head to Orlando.

Damon T.

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