Tour of China

Tour of China

I have to admit the place that I like the best was the China Showcase. Maybe it's because it's such a mysterious place and so few people from Florida ever make it over there. Thank goodness we got this great place for Chinese food here in Orlando. There's a lot of good restaurants like around town that are outstanding. You can sit down and enjoy some really good food and get off your feet for a little while after doing all of the World Showcase walking.

They have it all in my favorite is the shrimp and chicken egg rolls, the best on the menu. As soon as I went home I started looking up for some recipes to make authentic Chinese food in the walk or the slow cooker. The first thing I did was to do a search in google for Chinese food recipes by ingredients. I can go to the Orlando Flea Market at and get snow peas, hot peppers, cabbage, and bean sprouts for sure. This is a good way to get ideas of the basic ingredients for cooking all kinds of east asian food such as you can get at website. Just looking at the recipes online with the pictures of the egg noodles and the curry sauce, will get you ready to come back over to Epcot again soon! I certainly don't have any rice vinegar, but I do have chili sauce and sriracha which is nicely hot. We had a great day and I think everybody will enjoy the experience, it's very authentic just like the Japan showcase sushi bar!
Andres F.

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Chinese Restaurant

Getting hungry could not be any easier when you have a great Chinese restaurant at your disposal. There's something about the beef steak that goes really good with all those Chinese vegetables. They have an assortment of noodle dishes and you can get the spicy style we shrimp and vegetables which will fill you up and be actually super healthy.

If you ever wanted to try a very authentic sushi roll, you have found a good location. The area around Walt Disney World must have fifty great Chinese restaurants like for take-out food and we like a bunch of them. Try some of the chop suey, and I like the one that has shrimp included. Simple and elegant with that special Chinese touch is the chicken with black bean dish and I like white rice.

The beef with garlic sauce is unbelievable and you will not be able to put your fork down. A lot of people really into the curry flavors and curry beef is a good choice. Make sure you get some fried rice and they have a house fried rice that has pork, beef, chicken and shrimp in it so you know it is fantastic.

Katherine N.


1510 Avenue Of The Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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