Touring South of the Border

Touring South of the Border

Here is the spot for drinking alcohol and chowing on very yummy Mexican Nachos. Order margaritas, tequila based alcohol cocktails, beer and wine. They do them right with with tri color corn tortillas, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos, smothered with monterey jack cheese, and really good homemade tomato salsa. It is right up there with Chevys Fresh Mex Restaurant.

That is the perfect photograph of entering the Mexico Showcase, one of my favorites of all. The restaurant there on the left is lakeside and one of the better places to get a Margarita and a chimichanga platter. They have all the good foods, from the big not show plates to the beef tacos.

This is authentic, with really good beef and all of the fresh vegetables. The jalapenos they use are the fresh kind, and not the ones that are pickled like you would buy at the Publix grocery store.
Helen C.

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Mexico Showcase

Best on the menu is the burritos with grilled steak, mushrooms, chopped onions, salsa fresca, guacamole, red chili tomatillo salsa, and black beans. If you don't like Mexican food you can get some Authentic French Dishes just a few hundred yards away.

Don't forget about the music each day, as Epcot is the place to go for the best of daily surprises. Other things we loved are Proccolino's Ristorante and Pizzeria for dining Fat Tuesday for getting drunk!

Susanne O.

Epcot Mexico

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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