Universal Theme Park Review

Universal Theme Park Review

Get a deal and it is more fun, as you can get a free park entrance if you purchase the two park meal deal! Everything was great here from the Comedy Fountain to the Dagwood Sandwich Restaurant. It's a long day though so you will need to find a few good spots to relax like this bench here on the lake. Notice the guy that looks like a boat captain right behind there, as they have lots of that stuff to spice things up and make it seem all dressed up.

It was a great day for a little bit of everything and your just gonna be moving about the whole time so wear your best walking shoes. If you get Hungry I have to admit I like Moe's Citywalk and there are a lot of other good places cityfishorlando.com to eat that you can stop on the way in to Universal Theme Park or on the way out. It makes for a fine day because you are completely busy the whole time you are here.

It actually almost disappoints me each time when the days over because I realize that hours passed so quickly. That's why we take a lot of photographs where you can look at them later on a month or two down the road and it all comes back to you, like a second Theme Park trip with the free ticket! I never thought about that way before but it's true, just reviewing the photos is really enjoying if you've had a good time and you took some nice photography of Universal Studios and the rides. We try taking photos on some of the rides were it's not moving to quickly they turn out pretty darn good. Some things are not conducive to photography or video and if you have a lot of wind noise. Forget the video with wind noise, as it won't work or you have to know good because you want to hear the screams of the people just not the wind noise on youtube.

We've been reviewing more and more the videos before we go on theme park trips so you know exactly what we want to do. The only problem with that is it take some of the mystery out of the ride so I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. Somethings I am a little scared of going on, so I like to see how it's going to be by reviewing a video first and then I can make my decision and that's the same at Disney world.

What an area to stay, we liked the Spacious Resort Room Accommodations at the close to universal resort. There are a lot of Hotels that make you smile in Orlando so make sure you pick a good one. We are always looking for any of the discounts because we are Big on Family Deals and they have a lot of stuff for local residents if you pay attention. Our family loved the simpsons ride, rip ride rocket, and Shrek four dimensional, as our top picks for the day. We had fun and do recommend it.
Damien K.

Universal Studios

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819
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