Vacation pick with Kids

Vacation pick with Kids

Mousekeeping and staff were very helpful and nice, plus this is the best resort on property. Everyone enjoys the convenient walk to Epcot in less than five minutes from the Mickey Mouse hotel room! I love the fact that if I take a notion to go watch illuminations blast-off-fireworks, all I have to do is walk a short distance with wine glass in hand. Give it a top rating for being a nice place to stay. This is my absolute favorite Orlando Theme Park vacation resort. The hotel lobby lots-to-see-location is exceptional next to the restaurants on the lake and the beer bars. It is so big though, that it takes fitness walking cheerful-fun just to get from the elevator, down the long hallways, to the room.
Kristy P.

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Beach Club Lobby

Do not pay the upgrade for priority rooms, as it does not matter much since the walk is nice. This resort is set on a lake amongst gardens and Big Pools to Splash. I love the added feature of the mini refrigerator in each room plus many arched windows and colonnades. Most of the resorts seem to be on a Golf Course or a natural nature sanctuary that's home to mega birds, squirrels and all the central Florida indigenous wildlife. It is big and nice near family cafe. Walt Disney World has lots of places to pick a resort, and this is mid level I believe.

Everything is beautiful about the hotel property and it starts right in the lobby. You Park your Car out front after you go through the guard gate and show your identification. Park the car anywhere you want and just leave your luggage inside your automobile, go check in first. Get the entrance electronic admission to your room and go check it out before you put the luggage into your room. Make sure everything is perfect and if you have any problems simply call on the phone and they can switch you out to a different room. We always make sure the room we get does not have any odor and of course I have aerosol glade spray to use. I have to admit they do a pretty good job with Cleanliness and the sheets and bedding seem to be really top-notch.

Sherwood R.

Beach Club Resort

1800 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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